Do You Have Something to Share?

As librarians, we share information and teach others how to locate the desired information. I believe technology can be a great field leveler. Can be, but is not always. Sometimes people lack the knowledge, training, or time. Other times is may come down to plain cash money.

I think that libraries and librarians will have to develop more technology skills as the world moves foreword. I think that training and learning can take place in an open, free community that will bring new ideas and discourse to our profession. It is my wish that this discourse reach out to people who have previously believed that they did not have the time or money to invest in launching new technologies for their libraries (and themselves).

Why I am blathering about this? Very simply, there is just one week left to submit a proposal for Five Weeks to a Social Library. We are looking for how tos and different avenues of application for social software. Consider joining the fray. It is going to be fabulous.

–Jane, will be there with bells… on