Weekend and Monday Bits

I am woefully behind on so very many things that I have lost count. Actually, I am doing fine. Great as a matter of fact. I recieved a double serving a wonderful news Friday, which I will share with you when I am “officially” able.

Saturday, I spoke with a class of bright-eyed SLIS students. I talked about social software in libraries, getting buy-in, and DOPA. It was fun, though I completely geeked out a bit. I realized that I miss being able to talk about technology and teach people new things, even if it is a very quick summary of hot items in Library 2.0 Land.

One of the students mentioned a new product that i had not heard of but which popped up on Caveat Lector today: Zotero. I peered around a bit on Saturday and was intrigued. I have been considering something to keep citations, but have not been entirely pleased with the current offerings. After reading Dorothea’s rave, I am awash with excitement to see this program. I can not wait to see the beta.
–Jane, Monday is almost over, thank Jeebus