NPR, love it, hate it

Before I lived in Houston, I lived in Dallas for two wonderful, glorious years. I love Dallas. Better weather, colder winters, and a good NPR station. The station up there is KERA and I was in love with that station. It was on in my apartment all day every day. I knew what time of day it was by what program was on the radio. There were two stations, one with just classical (which I never listened to) and the one with all talk all the time.

Then, I moved to back Houston. I still love NPR, but only for a few hours each day. My new NPR station is under the impression that classical music is better then The Diane Rehm Show, The World, or Fresh Air. Um, no. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out. The news in the afternoon does not even start until 4 o’clock. *sigh*

A couple of days, ago I started hearing commercials on NPR for the shows mentioned above and my heart started to skip wildly. Could it be that I would finally be able to listen to these shows every day, in my car or at home? I went this morning to check out the web site, which the commercial instructed me to do. I have never been impressed with any NPR station web layout and it took me a minute or so to find the information I needed. (literally it was a minute or less – I am so impatient!)

My heart is broken and I am a little miffed. I can only listen to those beautiful shows if I have an HD radio. Which begs the question: If my local station can afford to run three simultaneous stations at the same time, (two HD stations with different content and the regular station) why can’t we just have ONE that does it all well? Or even two? One for classical and one for talk? How many people can really use this service now? Ten?

What a waste of good programming. And no I do not mean The Front Row.

–Jane, keep in mind, this is all personal preference