LITA Blog Needs Volunteers for Forum 06

LITA Forum 2005 in San Jose will always stick in my mind because it was on the opening weekend of Serenity (whose anniversary was September 30th, last Saturday, Happy Birthday, BDM).

This year, LITA Forum is in Nashville. I will not be going to Nashville because I am going instead to Internet Librarian. I am tingling with anticipation for Internet Librarian, but that excitement is best left for another post.

LITA Blog, near to my heart, is looking for volunteers again to cover Forum. This is a great way to get involved in LITA. Forum is a small conference which makes meeting people easy. If you would like to volunteer, email me. You can view our schedule here.

If you have any questions about LITA Blog, LITA in general, or how to get involved, please email me or IM me. I will do my best to give advice or send you along to someone with better advice than I.

–Jane, in volunteer wrangling mode