A Little Bit of Jance and a Song

J. A. Jance

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Sorry for the dark picture folks.

Opening Keynote – J. A. Jance

J.A. Jance is a librarian and a dog person. Fabulous. She has a hilarious sense of humor. This is the second time I have seen J. A. Jance speak and she is just as pleasant as I remember. She has an honest attitude about her life and the way life goes.

She wrote her first book in three months, working every day from 4-7 in the morning.

Ideas for writing can be gathered as you go along. She gets some ideas from her U of Arizona alumni newsletter.

“The internet allows me to hear from people in a very immediate way.”

The internet allows us to reach other people that we would not otherwise be able to reach. J. A. Jance answers all of her own email. [I get the feeling that she really loves to interact with people and is amused by those around her. This is the way we should all look at life. If later, after the trying circumstances are over, we can laugh at our misfortunes, I believe we are better people for it.] J. A. Jance puts people she knows in her books. Her stories have an impetus in the events of her life and events that she encounters.

This was a nice opening keynote because it was different and set the tone. A tone full of laughter, honesty, and a little bit of song.

–Jane, loved the song and dance