Monster Mashing

Internet Librarian 2006
Cool Tools and Mashups for Webmasters
Frank Cervone
Darlene Fichter

[I am basically going to put this list up as I typed it in the session. It is a laundry list of widgets and mashups that are fun or just plain cool. There are waaaay too many for me to link to them all, so be a good librarian and google it yourself.]

They have both been “doing stuff for a long time.”

Font Tester
Meta tag Expert www.dark-street/darkstreet/meta_tag ?
URL Investigator
Who is records, link checks, traffic
Link Popularity Check
Checks your ranking against other sites
eXactMapper Lite – creates a site map with different views for your site
Google Site Map Builder – XML data format that will follow the links in that in order to spider your site which will create better access to your site
Wink – allows you to create flash animations
Powerbullet Presenter – will create a stand alone executable file
PHP editor – does many different languages
PHP Expert Debugger – can run locally or off the server

Switch: Darlene takes over
Mashups in a Nutshell
They are a new breed of web application that take content from many sources and make something new. They often use RSS or API.

APIs in Four Steps*
You have an idea
Sign up for a developer token (what are the rules?)
Read the fine Print
*[missed the last one, wow they are FAST]

There is no reason for libraries to not have some of these mashups on their sites. [They are so easy, I could do them! *grin*] [One of my favorites for plotting conference stuff] Darlene uses the example of creating a literary walking tour for your community. [what a fabulous idea!]

Other Map Toys

Amazon API has a lot of potential that some libraries have already harnessed.

Yahoo! User Interface library
Scrolling module carousel – like for news or something on a website

Frivolous Flickr Fun
Colr Pickr
Darlene says she wants one that only has CC pictures [It is called YotoPhoto and it allows you to search by color.]

Web Gallery Creator
Creates a page with pictures and thumbnails

BIMP Lite – takes your photos and compresses them in a batch mode
Gliffy – quickly draws and shares diagrams on the web
Community Toolbar from Conduit – creates a toolbar for your library

Firefox Extensions
Duplicate Tab
Tails Export – shows and export microformats
Snapper – creates a snapshot of a designated area in a web page
Browster – preview a site before you go there, when you mouse over it pops up a little window with a preview of the site, and you can then navigate in the preview [sweet]
Google Notebook
IE Tab
Linkification – converts text links onto genuine, clickable links, makes hyperlinks
Zotero [which I love, love, love!!!]

DFincBackup – locally run backup program with will back up your files
Crap Cleaner – cleans up all your crap in Windows that you no longer need, can be run weekly [man, this sounds fabulous]
a-squared HiJackfree – will see what is in your registry/what is being started up

retrievr – search for images that match a sketch or other picture you put in

Audience contributions
Adblock – Firefox Extension
Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox
Edit Plus – supped up notebook
Primo PDF – point documents to it as if it were a printer
Accessibility Tools Bar – tell how accessible your site is to Jaws reader
Tidy HTML – Validator
Google Code search
[And more but I need to turn off my machine]

–Jane, is mashed