Paul and Meredith are RSSified

Internet Librarian 2006

The RSS and JavaScript Cookbook

Paul Pival and Meredith Farkas are displaying are world of fun with RSS. The best part of their presentation? It is all online! On a wiki of course! This is a great resource with their handout, slides, and other resources. Hooray!

One thing I learned from their presentation that I did not know previously:

I learned about Grazr which creates a widget for your website that contains links to multiple RSS feeds. Sweet!

I think that libraries have not even begun to harness the abilities of RSS. There are so very many things that we can do with this technology. As Meredith and Paul point out, there are a ton of tools that make RSS and JavaScript easy for librarians who do not know any coding. Their wiki is a resource that will be an indispensable guide for libraries wanting to jazz up their sites and push dynamic content to their users.

–Jane, lurves her some RSS