Tuesday Bits

Internet Librarian 2006

In the MySpace and Facebook session on Tuesday afternoon, Cliff Landis posed one of my favorite questions to the audience. “Who owns the library?”

Who indeed. Though Cliff was unaware of it, he was up on my soapbox. The library does not belong to us. It belongs to our users. Period. If we are doing things that serve ourselves we are missing the point and need to find jobs elsewhere.

Even before pointing out my favorite obvious point, Cliff had already won me over because he is a fellow Alienware owner.

The Tuesday afternoon sessions on social software were all fabulous. I did not really take notes since much of it was review for me. I did enjoy watching the antics of the presenters though. They were a fun and lively bunch though I did see someone actually sleeping in the audience.

Here is a roundup in three sentences:

Flickr is awesome, there is a booming community on the site, and there are many, many fun tools for Flickr pics. MySpace and Facebook can be powerful tools for outreach @ your library. RSS and JavaScript are easier then you think.

–Jane, halfway through the last day and exhausted