ALA 2.0: the meme

I think ALA 2.0 recaps may officially be a meme now.

I have rewritten this post a few times in the last couple days, but it seems to me that all I have to say are reiterations of things already said. With that firmly in mind, I decided you could just skip what I wrote and the read the links above.

Instead of waxing quixotic about ALA this past year, I will give you my wishes for ALA for the year ahead. The second year of Web, Library, and ALA 2.0.

ALA, may you learn the benefits of having an easily accessible online community. May you encourage your members to create, play, and support each other in spaces which you provide. May you find new ways to reach out to new and isolated members so that they will feel needed and included. May you come to understand that not all online services and learning should cost your users money. May you come to know that there are many waiting to participate in making our organization better.

–Jane 2.0