Bits of the Week

I will have a post about the ALA Web Planning Retreat tomorrow afternoon. I needed time to digest a bit and then there is always the pesky work that gets in the way. Here are some bits to tide you over, all having nothing to do with ALA:

  • I finally finished A Storm of Swords. Geez. It only took me a year, off and on. And I promptly went on a reading binge. Three books later, I am feeling a bit better.
  • I made kolaches.
  • Cleaned my house.
  • Participated in a Festivus Party, complete with metal pole and Bagels.
  • Bought the last gift on my list.

Tonight, I am leaving Mr. Rochester to fend for himself, dropping my menagerie off at my parent’s, and joining some old friends for what should be a night of much laughter and unrepeatable stories. With drinking, of course!

Friday, I am making more kolaches, a molasses ginger cake with vanilla whipped cream (the real kind), and writing up my ALA notes. Good Times.

–Jane, Merry Jeebusmas