Five Things Meme

I was tagged by my buddy Dave who makes me smile every time I think about him.

Five things you did not previously know about Jane:

  1. When I was in Kindergarten, I always played with the boys because they were more fun than the girls. We played Star Wars on the jungle gym and I was Princess Leia. As a grown up, I still have a lot of guy friends.
  2. I can drink a pitcher of beer in 47 seconds, but I will not repeat or try to duplicate this feat (though I can still drink pretty fast). It was completed to dunk my Aggie Ring. At the time, it was the best time out of all my guy friends, including Mr. Rochester, and I will never, ever let them forget it. 47 seconds. Mwahahahaaa.
  3. I think Bette Davis played the most entertaining bitches on screen.
  4. I believe that God has a plan for everyone.
  5. Sometimes, I want to get in my car and keep on driving until I get to Colorado. Once there, I will find a little stream beside which to put up a tent and stay for days. There is no place on earth which I have felt more at peace.

I am woefully behind on my Bloglines, so I have no idea who has done this yet. If you have not been tagged and would like to be, then I tag you. Go!

–Jane, sitting at the ref desk