Traveling to Seattle For the First Time

Welcome ALA!

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I am on my flight to Seattle. After getting to my hotel, my plans are to make a pilgrimage to Archie McPhee’s for some goodies, dropping some of said goodies off at the Blogger’s table in the ALA Office, and meeting some friends for drinks and dinner at Dragonfish. The Blogger’s Table is sponsored by LITA and will have plugs and wireless (I am told). Feel free to go, take a load off, plug in, and post for your favorite blog. The table is in the very back left corner and had ninja tape and chocolate on it.

I seem to have created a quite packed schedule for myself and tonight is the only one in which I have any true leisure. I think I will try to go to bed at a decent hour so that I will be able to last late into the other evenings. I thought about posting my schedule, but it is a bit complicated, so instead I will say that, for the most part, I will be at all things LITA, fun and business, and a few bloggy things as well.

Speaking of blogs, the LITA Blog is still looking for volunteers to cover sessions, so if you would like to see you name on the internets or chugging through the toobes, please volunteer. You can contact me multiple ways or hunt me down. I will be a bit better dressed at this conference due to the emerging of my leadership (laughing) but broke down and packed my Joss Whedon shirt for Sunday.

I hope everyone has a safe trip here. See you in the world.

–Jane, ready for anything, even crazy space monkeys