The Machine is Us

I am sure this will be all over the biblioblogosphere soon/now, but this video posted by David Free is… well, amazing.

We are the toobes. Web 2.0 is about the content we create, the content that can be recreated by others. It is the read/write/share abilities of the web as we now know it that make this an exciting time to be alive.

The video was made by a professor of Anthropology at KSU, Michael Wesch. As academia embraces the concept of the read/write web for research, for ideas, and as a valid outlet, these tools will gain credibility. In some disciplines, YouTube can only be child’s play. What is the critical mass that will take Web 2.0 to credible, reliable, useful tool in “old school” disciplines? What is the critical mass that libraries must reach so that it is commonplace for libraries to produce something like what ACPL has been doing?

–Jane, has reached critical mass

*Updated: the spelling of Dr. Wesch’s name has been fixed. Thanks!