There is a new plug-in you can download onto your phone that will tell you where all your AIM buddies are and if they are within a certain radius of you. I am open with my life. I have this thing called a web log onto which I write about myself and how I have the most wonderful dog in the world. Even so, I am not at all convinced that I would like people to know where I am at all times. How am I supposed to hide from people if they can always find me? How am I supposed to “Go help someone in the stacks” and disappear for a few minutes (which I never ever have done. ever. honest) if I can always be located? Needless to say, I will not be putting such frivolity onto my phone.

On a semi-related side note: Does the new cell phone commercial featuring various people resembling Violet Beauregarde freak anyone else out but me? It is weird and only makes me think, “Man, people really are dumb.”

–Jane, is right here but does not want you to know it