If Have Bloglines, You Are Probably Not Reading This

Which makes me wonder why I am bothering to write at all.

Like Walt, I have recently discovered that Bloglines is not updating my blog’s feed. I have not been all that wordy lately but I have written a little! Walt says he does not want to switch to Google Reader because they do not have subscription counts. I understand. I do. But I also like to actually read the things my friends and colleagues write. Oh, the days of my adoration of Bloglines seem like a distant memory to me now.

Eventually, Google Reader will have subscription numbers, so they say, and until then, I am maintianing two different aggregators. I read my feeds in Reader but I check the numbers in Bloglines. Voila. Problem solved.

IMNSHO, Reader is far better then Bloglines anyway.

–Jane, may never have been humble