Why I May Not Be Giving My Preconference at TLA

I have mentioned previously in this space about the saga of my TLA preconference on Web 2.0 Tools for instruction librarians. A preconference that over 100 people have signed up for. A preconference that will make LIRT a lot of money. A preconference for which I am not being compensated in any way whatsoever. Well, today, it got better.

I received an email today informing me that they had not yet recieved my registration. An email telling me registration was past due. Registration which they expect me to pay for with an overnighted check or a fax with my credit card information.

I am so angry. The amount of time I have already spent on this and they want me to PAY to make them money!

Here was my response to the person from TLA and the chair of LIRT:

I was not aware that I had to register for TLA to teach a preconference for LIRT. Though I am a Texas resident, I am not a member of TLA and am not being paid to prepare and teach an all day seminar for your librarians. I will not pay for the privilege of teaching when I am being compensated no other way.

I am frankly appalled that I am being asked to pay to be a speaker at function in which I am not a member at which TLA is making quite a lot of money. I have already spent many hours preparing for this, but I will not come if I am required to register and pay to teach my preconference. I know that TLA pays people to come and speak from out of state. Why not people who are not members, who give up their time?

Please advise me on what further action I should take. I would like to be of service to TLA, but will not pay to do so. I would suggest that TLA look to other professional organizations that treat their speakers with more respect.


Michelle Boule

TLA, you should be ashamed of yourself. I am.
If I get a response that is remotely apologetic, I’ll let you know. I refused to be treated this way.
–Jane, pissed