Parting Words

Karen Coombs has a bit to say about speaker fees. I am linking to Karen’s post because she also talks about her experiences with TLA. I have been working on a couple projects, including my TLA Preconference.

A couple more things about that. Danielle Plumer, the chair of LIRT left, some comments on my TLA previous posts. I am glad she commented. No one should be subjected to my one-sided ramblings, least of all the very intelligent people who read this.

I wish library conferences were different, they are not, and that is that for now. I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I have decided I want to let it rest until TLA and CIL are over in this space. I am happy that TLA’s LIRT is trying to bring some techie programming to Texas. I was surprised LIRT did not charge more for this program; they could have, but chose not to. Bravo for them.
–Jane, back to work (in a moment)