Pullo waits with Cassie

Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre.

This morning I am packing and getting organized for a quick three day trip to San Antonio. Pullo thinks I have stayed home to play with him and is disappointed that all I have done so far is upload Flickr photos and laundry. Pullo does not like it when one of us is gone and I always picture him at the window, like this, waiting.

I am nervous about the preconference I am teaching on a few different levels. This will be the longest class I have taught, even though, my song and dance is just in the morning and someone else is teaching the afternoon portion.

I feel better then I have in days, even though I am woefully behind in everything. I am hoping that the couple days after TLA and before CIL will be enough for me to catch up. The next post should be a report from the field (unless I find time to do some reading). Everyone traveling to TLA, be safe.

–Jane, see you in the world