Everyone is at the Riverwalk

There is nothing like another city and a change of scenery to give you a feeling of relaxation and contentment. Of course, this could mostly stem from one not being at one’s place of work.

San Antonio is a city I love to visit. At the moment, I am sitting at Schilo’s, pronounced like Shee-low, digesting pancakes and drinking coffee. Yesterday afternoon, on the Riverwalk, Dorothea, Ranger, and I ran into Michael, Jenny, and Kathryn. Dorothea had never met any of that particular trio and I was sure the Earth would swallow us as they all shook hands and grinned. The lightening bolts never arrived and we eventually continued on to Mad Dog’s British Pub for a celebratory drink. I had Guinness; it was wonderful.

I asked at the beginning of my talk if anyone was blogging it and one brave soul said yes. I think I have now “arrived.” She even said nice stuff and something very interesting to me when I talked to her during one of the breaks. She said, “I catalog, I am not a Cataloger.” She went on to talk about the fact that no matter how you organize information, it is still a library. A library is a library. How simple and how true. I never really considered it quite that way. Her name escapes me now, why did I not write it down!? I hope she forgives my memory lapse.

Last night, we ended up at the Menger Bar, which apparently is very famous for having been a recruiting place for TDR when he was in search of Rough Riders. The Cosmos were good and, after a couple of those, I was feeling fine.

I have the drive home to look forward to and I will post this when I am safe back in my home with my big, slobbery dog at my feet. Michael Stephens really knows how to charm me; he complimented me on my beautiful puppy. His boys are pretty handsome as well.

–Jane, now to get ready for CIL!