CIL Post Uno

I arrived at Reagan Airport to a dreary Sunday. The cab ride through the business multiplex to the hotel was a bit disheartening. I think Monterey spoiled me.

A group of us went to dinner at a slightly snooty place for Italian food. The food was great, the service was ok, and the company was fabulous. We landed at the Hyatt Bar, which has good service if you are sitting AT the bar and terrible service if you are not. The bartender virtually ignored the people who walked up for drinks. The drinks were strong though so at least there was that.

Regardless, there was a large group of us who started out our week at CIL in proper fashion. We all behaved well and went our separate ways around 11. We decided we should all get good sleep at least one night.

I am sitting in my third talk this morning and they have all been great. Posts will be coming soon on my notes for each. It is again dreary outside.

I ran into Alan Gray, Darien Library, in the hall. They had some flooding yesterday so I would like to send my good thoughts their way. I hope all is well. I love you guys. (in my best Cartman voice)

The Twitter feed for the conference seems to be taking off and is amusing to boot. If you are not here and trying to avoid work, definitely check it out.
–Jane, happy to be here