CIL, the funability version

Sushi boat for 4

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I realized this afternoon that most of my posts about CIL have been all business and no tales of hilarity. And boy, were there tails. On ponies. With monocles.

This week the fun was all about three things, in order of their importance:
Strippers named Strawberry

If it was cool, bad, hilarious, or you said the wrong thing, it was on Twitter. I may have a slightly biased view as all of my comrades were also on Twitter, thus creating a self-fulfilling mode of hilarity. Steven Cohen is obsessed with Twitter and was sending jokes to Twitter from the bar. He lives his life in 140 characters or less.

Alcohol. Beer. Scotch. Beer. Wine. Beer. A shot named something with a surfer. We had, last night (Tuesday) at the Irish pub, perhaps the largest bar bill I have ever been handed. Luckily, I was not the only one putting money in the pot. The drink challenge never really took off, as neither Steven nor I were truly in the mood. Plus, seriously, I was drinking things like Blue Moon and Smithwick’s and Steven was drinking Budweiser. “I’m just saying.”

Sometimes rumors get started. Sometimes the rumors include strippers named Strawberry. But only sometimes. Related to this rumor is another fiendish plan, brought to you by the team that delivers ponies and monocles. Meredith Farkas will soon be quitting her job, selling Information Wants to Be Free, and starting a blog about Judge Mathis. As Meredith said, “All life lessons can be learned on Judge Mathis.”

Tonight we are having sushi. A semi-tradition of Information Today conferences. I am sure there will be more silliness, but then, there always is.

Added retrospectively: The sushi boat was wonderful (see post picture). I miss everyone already.

–Jane, don’t stop believin’