Learning with Blogs and Wikis, CIL2007

Audience Right

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CIL 2007

Meredith and I delivered ponies with monocles to a large room of people. It was different presenting to a room filled with people I respect and love. Different in a nerve racking fun way.

The talk went very well and we had a lot of great questions from the audience. They asked about getting participation from people who are not comfortable putting themselves “out there,” being able to lock certain parts of a wiki and leaving the rest open, what our planning process looked like (on a wiki of course!), and what blogging software we liked the best.

I can not stress this enough: We want people to take this idea and build their own online learning experiences. We are happy to answer questions at any time. We made a wiki in lieu of slides.
Presenting with Meredith was great. She is, as always, “fabulous.”

–Jane, now can we go karaoke?