Looking at the Ladder, Idea in Hand

There have been some great responses to my post yesterday about alternate career paths and paying one’s dues. T. Scott has perhaps my favorite so far. His perspective as a manager makes this conversation very rich.

The best section of his post outlines things people can do now to create change or foster patience while you work towards it.

Identify the people in the organization who have the power to change things, and figure out why the change that you think is necessary is going to help them solve one of their problems.

He is right. Here is my current project to create change from the bottom. I am going to build a pilot Learning 2.0 Project at MPOW. I was hesitant to do this before because I did not think I would get the kind of monetary support I believe is needed to offer good incentives. However, one of my colleagues provided me with the way to get the money and soon I will be building a learning portal. I have to prove that technology training is integral to moving this library out of the Dark Ages. This might be my first step.

I am a believer in coming up with solutions to the issues. (though sometimes a good gripe fest has its uses)

–Jane, today coffee has made all things shiny