Go To Your Room!

Meebo has two new features that strutted down the red carpet today: Media sharing and Meebo Rooms.

Media sharing allows you to link to media and instantly share it with everyone in your room. Cool. Very cool. I do wonder, if the media plays right away, what is to stop people from putting material that is NSFW into the rooms and chat spaces. Not that we should be parenting the web, it is just a thought. The media sharing feature does allow files to be flagged as inappropriate and there is a pause button that you can use to stop a video in progress. Interesting. I tested the feature with this video. Video is safe is juvenile in humor.

The Meebo Rooms looks like it may be a cool and useful feature. You can create a room about anything or join an existing room. For instance, there is a Browncoat room, which I joined, and it now lives on my Buddy list. Underneath “Browncoats” on my list, it tells me how many people are in the room.

It appears that each user has their own dedicated room as well. Now appearing on my list is lefey6’s room. An interesting feature of Meebo Rooms is the ability to create a Meebo Me widget for a room and imbed it on your site. It might be handy to use this ability for your own personal room. I could place a widget on this blog for lefey6’s room. Maybe. I need to upgrade WordPress first.

Check out the rooms Meebo already has, search for one on a topic you love, or create one.

–Jane, listening to the Young Dubliners on Pandora