Shiny Goodness

Two Firefly related news items for all my Browncoat readers.

Amazon has placed Firefly as #2 on its Sleepers and Keepers list because it has been “…selling copy after copy since the day [it was] released without ever having made industry headlines…” Shiny.

There is a sequel to Finding Serenity coming out in August. It is entitled Serenity Found. If this second collection of essays is anywhere near as good as the first, I will be a pleased lady.

After looking up some of the links in Wikipedia, I realized that the Firefly article is a “Features Article” which means out of approx. 1,796,936 articles, only 1,407 are superb. We are so very pretty.

–Jane, “One of you is gonna fall and die. And I’m not cleaning it up. “