Eventful and The Bards

I have heard a few things about Eventful in passing recently. Eventful is a place where you can advertise or find things going on in your area. It is a very interesting service.

This morning I received my Bard Crier, a semi-regular email from Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards, which included a use of Eventful that I found fun. By clicking on this link, you can go the The Bards’ page and request them in your area. When they have enough requests for an event, they will travel and play in that town. Music on demand. Some of you will remember that I went to see Marc and Andrew at a house concert this past fall and loved, loved it.

The Bards have free downloads on their site and a fun podcast, so check them out and if you live in the Houston area, please “Demand” them on Eventful. I would love to see them again.

I wonder if a library could use Eventful for their book mobile service, their mobile storytime, or other traveling shows. It would be interesting to know if someone used this as a guerrilla way of demanding a new service from their library (no fines anyone?), a local merchant, or protesting some other thing in their area.

Does anyone know of any instances of Eventful being used for something other then for what is was created?

–Jane, just curious