Stop and Smell the Coffee

I used to drink coffee every day. I still love coffee, but for a variety of reasons I now only have coffee occasionally. This morning was definitely a coffee morning. I put a mix of 3/4 regular dark roast and 1/4 hazelnut beans in my coffee maker and minutes later… heaven.

–Jane, a great way to start a Friday

One thought on “Stop and Smell the Coffee

  • June 1, 2007 at 1:06 pm

    I am a regular coffee drinker, but I read the other day that caffeine has a half-life of nine hours, which apparently means that 18 hours after I finish my morning coffee, 25% of the caffeine is still in my system. Woah.

    Can’t say that I will cut down too much, but at least I thought twice before I got an iced mocha the other afternoon. 🙂

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