Hey. I posted over at ACRLog!

If you were wondering why I have not written anything substantial for this space in a few days (I mean ponies and coffee?), it is because I have been working on a couple other writing projects.

Today, I am a guest poster over at ACRLog. I talk about the Serious Games movement and how a shift in game content can help libraries. ACRLog has been trying to expand their offerings and I think that they are doing a fine job. I was very pleased to be asked.

I have also been working on the second installment of the Unsucking Online Education series at TechSource which should be coming up soon.

Lastly, I have been working on a couple ALA projects. One, I am extremely excited about and will tell all details… tomorrow. Here is a teaser:

What happens when a group of determined individuals gets told no? We find a way to create something fun, different, and as inclusive as possible. What am I talking about? Well wouldn’t you like to know…

–Jane, stay tuned