A Conference “Session” Unlike Any Other

And now what you have all been wondering about:

LITA BIGWIG (Blogs, Wikis, and Social Software IG) is pleased to present the first ever online, unconference at ALA Annual 2007. The Social Software Showcase will be occuring around and during Annual. We have gathered eleven librarians and leaders in the field to present on cutting edge technology and social software. Regardless of where you are in the world, you will have the opportunity to view and discuss the presentations on the official Social Software Showcase Wiki.

BIGWIG wanted to do something different. Something that could spark conversations between people and would not be limited to a finite time and space. Something fun. We also wanted to devise a program for ALA that could be responsive to new technology. Current ALA planning procedures are not responsive to emerging technologies. In fact, at least two of the technologies that will be discussed are less then 4 months old!

Come and see what all the commotion is about. We have presentations by:

  • Casey Bisson and Lichen Rancourt
  • Michael Casey
  • David Free
  • Iris Jastram
  • David Lee King
  • Tom Peters
  • Michael Porter
  • Karen Schneider
  • Tim Spalding
  • Simon Spero
  • Jessamyn West

We will also be having a face to face roundtable discussion with some of our presenters at ALA Annual in Washington D.C. on Saturday, June 23rd, from 1:30-2:30 in the Renaissance Mayflower Cabinet Room. If you are in D.C. please come and join us for an hour of informal conversation.

Not coming to ALA? That will in no way inhibit you from enjoying the presentations! We want people who are not able to attend ALA to be able to engage in the conversation. Our content will be open and available starting the week of ALA for everyone and anyone who wants to discuss emerging and changing technologies.

We will have a Twitter feed, which you can follow here (once the presentations go up).

Questions? Please contact the BIGWIG group at [email protected].


Michelle Boule
Karen Coombs
Jason Griffey



There is, of course, a great story behind this that I will gladly tell over a couple drinks sometime. For now, please enjoy this fun little project!

–Jane, see, boys and girls, subversion is fun