At the Mercat Cross: Calling for Carnival Submissions

Mercat Cross in Edinburgh, Scotland

It has been quite awhile since the Carnival of the Infosciences rolled onto this blog, but it will be here, in all its glory, next week. If you write or read something that you would like included, please use this submission form or email me at mboule at gmail dot com. Submissions should be recieved by 5 pm CST on Sunday July 8th.

If you want to host a carnival, I know Chadwick is always looking for people. Please email Chadwick at infosciphi at gmail dot com.

Come back next week, Monday, July 9th, for fun, words, and wisdom.

The picture, in case any of you want to know, is a picture of the Mercat Cross in Edinburgh, Scotland.

–Jane, this carnival will have ponies with monocles