LITA BIGWIG Social Software Showcase: It was wonderful.

My ALA posts are coming in late because I was so happy to be home with Mr. Rochester and my slobbery puppy, that I ignored all else for a few days. It was heaven.

The big buzz at Annual was a little program that could, The Social Software Showcase. My goal for this new program was to get people in a room together and let them talk about technology. The leaders of LITA BIGWIG, Jason Griffey, Karen Coombs, and myself, got the discussion going by having 11 people we respect present on technology topics. To date, the wiki has been viewed over 7,000 times. I count that as a success for the online content.

Empty Head Table at Showcase

But what of my original goal? The picture in this post is of the head table in our room at the Mayflower hotel. This was not a program of talking heads. This was a program about people, where everyone was able to converse and ask questions. It was exhilarating. It was fun. People joked and learned. It was, without a doubt, the best thing I did at ALA this year.

Thank you to everyone that gave us shout outs, support, and high fives. Thanks to Cindi’s belly, our shirt also made the latest edition of ALA Direct! It was nice to know that something new and different can be successful in the lumbering whale that is ALA. In case you are wondering, and I know that you must be, we are already making plans for next year. The LITA PPC was very kind to us at our meeting last week and is giving us flexibility with our “program” to get the Showcase listed in the official ALA schedule. We have some fun ideas on what to do better to increase the participation for those not at ALA during the actual discussion time. Meebo chat room on the wall of the room, anyone? Stay tuned. You have not seen the last of BIGWIG or the Showcase.

–Jane, pleased to be able to be official next year but had way to much fun under the radar