Gothic at Midnight

Sometimes, once in a great while, you come across that book that you can not put down. I can remember most of the books that have made me feverish to finish them. The kind you stay up reading, long past your eyes and head have given up trying to get you to sleep. I have never been the person for whom a book works as a sleep agent. I might as well drink espresso in bed if I am going to read a good book propped up by pillows.

Last night I stayed up reading Castle of the Wolf, which SB Sarah reviewed a couple weeks ago. I love classic gothic romance. What is there not to lurve about crumbling castle walls in a dark setting, a broody hero, and a determined, but innocent lady?

The writing is fun, with enough humor, intelligence, romance, and gargoyles to please anyone. I definitely recommend it if you always wanted there to be a little more heat in your version of Wuthering Heights or a few less puppies dying.

Unfortunately, all I can think of now is finishing the damn thing and I really need to work. I love it when a book consumes you, but I wish it would abate during business hours.

–Jane, may go “look for something in the stacks” later