At Home, with tea

I normally take the day after conferences off because I believe a dose of relaxation is in order after the excitement of a conference. Today, however, we are celebrating the departure of a friend at work and thus I am making my salad for the potluck and getting ready to roll into the office. I would much rather brew an entire pot of tea and start Harry Potter, but Harry and his battle against Voldemort will have to wait a few hours. Don’t worry, friends, I am only staying long enough for the party and then I am leaving. After all, Harry will be waiting.

The Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium was wonderful. Amazing. Fun. Full of ideas and challenges. I had a wonderful time. The keynotes really made the difference. They all had the most amazing things to say and they all taught me something new. There was no fluff at this conference.

I am turning off the Twitter digest as now it shall be filled with my boring daily tasks and if you really want to know what I am eating, working on, or micro-blogging about, you can just follow my feed.

–Jane, going to peek at work email with hands over her eyes