BarCamp Houston: no, it is not in a bar

I have heard about BarCamp before and I always thought it would be cool to go to one. A BarCamp is an unconference for geeks. You show up and are required to participate in some way: present on a topic, be on a panel, or bring your wifi router and power strip. You are required to share what you know with others and geek out all day, then go geek out on the world.

Can you think of anything else more fun? No. The answer is no, you can not think of anything else more fun. The problem I have now is choosing which geeky shirt do I wear?

On August 25th, BarCamp is going to be in Houston. I have already signed up and offered to give a talk. Mr. Rochester will be off with the boys for the weekend, celebrating the impending nuptials of a friend. I was going to closet myself at home to write, but I think this is worthy of changing my plans.

–Jane, anyone want to join us?