I Know Why People Have Harleys, a top 10 in pictures

I spent a weekend in Milwaukee before the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium. I have an Aunt and an Uncle who live there and I see them so seldom that I had to take the opportunity to visit. Milwaukee is a beautiful city and in the summer it really is at its finest. I had a great visit. Here are my top, rather belated, 10 things from that short trip:

10. The weather was amazing. Cool. Breezy. Sunny. I reveled in it.
9. The flowers. At a time in Houston when everything is starting to get brown around the edges, there are vibrant blooms everywhere!
8. Sitting on Aunt Sue’s porch drinking vodka and Squirt and catching up.
7. The sunset over Pewaukee Lake.
6. Bloody Marys at The Wicked Hour. They were spicy and came with all kinds of goodies.
5. Brats. (pronounced brah-ts, the food not the annoying toddler next to you)
4. Hanging out at Fest Italiana.
3. Spending the afternoon with Uncle Larry and Aunt Jennifer. They live in East Troy, a sweet little town. Their house is surrounded by tall tress, green grass, and flowers. Jennifer collects sediment from all over the world and Larry collects Harleys. I do not get to see enough of them.
2. Getting to see Aunt Sue. I love that lady. I always have fun with her. We went to a couple local bars, went to the market at Cathedral Square, and walked through Fest Italia.
1. I know why people have Harleys and ride motorcycles. Larry took me on my first real motorcycle ride (dirt bikes do not really count, now do they?) It was exhilarating. All of the smells around you slap you in the face. Everything fills your senses. I could barely keep from giggling the entire time. It was amazing. We stopped at a local bar, Kuckleheads, for a drink and then returned home as the sun was setting. I could not have asked for a better end to a wonderful day.

–Jane, is ready to go back again

Larry and Michelle on Motorcyle