Jane is Out of the Office

I have always loved the mountains in that visceral way that some places seep into your soul. The mountains make me feel like no other place I have ever imagined or seen. I have not been in the mountains for a handful of years and every year they pull on me. This year, I am finally able to return.

The puppy is with his grandma, who will feed him things he never gets at home and spoil him rotten. Mr. Rochester has packed all of our camping things into action packers, the tent has been checked for holes and cleaned out, the sleeping bags are ready, the food is waiting, there is ice for the coolers, and liquor packed (because this is vacation, you see). Tomorrow, at approximately 2 am (yes, as in, the morning), Mr. Rochester and I are climbing into our SUV and driving to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Though I am taking my laptop so that I can write, I will not be online. Ever. Miss me a little or not as you choose. I will take lots of pictures, come back with stories about how we narrowly escaped being eaten by bears, and how Mr. R had to drag me down every trail in the parks.

–Jane, is taking graphic novels and articles for a lit review as reading material