WWBD?: What Would Buffalo Do?

I had such a lovely time in the Black Hills of South Dakota and in the mountains of Wyoming, that I was sad to return to the over one hundred degree heat of Houston. I tried to convince Mr. Rochester that we could both get jobs in a bar in Jackson, WY and just stay. He said we had to come home to get our puppy dog. I guess if anyone asks, I will say, I came home because of the kid. We are doing it because of the kid.

I learned some important life lessons in the mountains. I always do, but with Mr. R in tow, some of the lessons were more amusing then if I had been solo or with my family.

Lesson #1 – WWBD? If your lady friend is giving you problems, wanting to go one way when you already told her that way was forbidden, what should you do? You should think, “What Would Buffalo Do?” Buffalo would grunt at the lady, head butt, and then kick her in the right direction. A bit grumpy, but it works every time.

Lesson #2 – In the mountains, there should be no stress about time. You get out of camp when you get out. Breakfast and dinner are to be savored. Air is to be breathed of deeply. An afternoon shower simply means you are to cover the wood, sit under a tree, drink a drink, and watch it rain.

Lesson #3 – High altitude makes alcohol go straight to your head.

Lesson #4 – (This is for the ladies) Ladies, when your man is chopping wood for the fire or building the fire upon which you will cook dinner, you should always comment about how manly and sexy the man is while completing the above tasks.

Lesson #5 – Even mediocre food tastes awesome cooked over a fire.

Lesson #6 – I do not ever want to drive through Kansas again. I have no idea how people live in that place.

Lesson #7 – Mr. Rochester must acquire at least one speeding ticket per trip. He does not appreciate it when I find the speeding ticket hilarious.

Lesson #8 – The first shower you have after 6 days on a camping trip is like heaven, but the smell of the campfire lingers on your skin. I love that smell.

Lesson #9 – If you go on seldom traveled trails in Yellowstone in search of a beaver pond, you may find a herd of 30 mule deer instead.

Lesson #10 – You can avoid the crowd, and the sun, at Old Faithful by grabbing a beer at the cafeteria and sitting on the shady porch which overlooks the timely eruption.

Lesson #11 – A morning spent in a kayak on Jenny Lake is completed to perfection with a beer in Moose,WY, overlooking the Grand Tetons.

Lesson #12 – The Grand Tetons, named by French trappers, means “large breasts” in French.

To see all of the pictures, check out my flickr set.

–Jane, back in the saddle