Twitter Updates for 2007-09-14

  • @librarythingtim – see, you mention wine and people come out of the woodwork! #
  • morning everyone, it is a glorious fall morning! #
  • @davidleeking – That sounds like fun! #
  • getting ready for a Camtasia training. I am the student this time. Hooray! #
  • Every time I look at the theme for IL I think instead "Info Pros and Hos." Cracks me up every time. #
  • @djfiander – so who gets to be the ho? *grin* IL is over Halloween this year #
  • @tombrarian – I could but I think that might be considered spam #
  • I am out twits. See you guys on Monday! Well, maybe this weekend if I break down and do some writing. #

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