Twitter Updates for 2007-09-18

  • in my email this morning #
  • @griffey – go home and sleep. That’s an order! #
  • planning for my two classes on Friday – Feminist Theory Lit and a class of undergrad tutors #
  • student tasered on U of FL campus #
  • @lucy_anne – well that’s one way to get your government’s attn. Think we could auction Dubbya on eBay? #
  • @joshuamneff – good point. Alas, another great plan foiled by reality #
  • @pbromberg – srsly? have they been living on Mars? Underground? On a plane, in a train, in a box, with a fox or with green eggs and ham? #
  • ref desk shift – bring on the printing problems! #
  • @tinfoilraccoon – we do, depends on content we have hist db that is high but only one w/ content #
  • and end scene #

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