School Libraries Doing Cool Web 2.0 Stuff

I am working on a big project for some school librarians. It is a learning program, like Five Weeks, that will go through a set of Web 2.0 tools and concepts. I want to, as much as possible, use school library examples in the program. I have a few, but I would love some more.

If you know of a school library doing some fun, useful, or different things with Web/Library 2.0, please leave a comment.

One of the reasons I am so excited about this program, more on the program later, is that I think school librarians often get left out of the technology loop. Many of the reasons for this have nothing to do with the librarian and everything to do with the type of environment in which they operate. We ask that these wonderful people teach our students about good information literacy in an environment in which most of the information a student would normally have access to (in the real world) is blocked and filtered. How can our students make good choices when they are given nothing from which to choose between?

It makes information literacy a whole different concept in this kind of environment.

So, please, if you have some good examples, share them with us so we can celebrate school librarians swimming against the stream.

–Jane, thinking about information literacy in the real world v. the reality of our schools and public libraries (with filters)