Twitter Updates for 2007-10-06

  • talking with Jason, Jonathan, and Karen about IM chat in libraries #
  • lights out for me, time for me to sleepzzzzzzzzzz #
  • waiting in the back of the room with @griffey for @davidleeking to rock the house. it will be rockin’ #
  • the room is going to be packed #
  • why do people stand in the back of the room when there are perfectly good seats in the middle of the rows? #
  • DLK: gives great presentations, good slides #
  • DLK: (libraries) We are the launch pad not the destination itself. #
  • DLK: Information literacy is no longer just about reading. [hooray!] #
  • DLK: The problem is not finding time; it is changing your focus and priorities. #
  • DLK Keynote post #
  • from the questions in the audience, there is so much fear about user generated content. Why? Why, the fear? </headdesk> #
  • DLK is done, time for Karen and I to gear up for our talk at 10:50! #
  • talking to my brother about something cool #
  • OU beat Texas! What a great birthday present! Whoop! #

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