Twitter Updates for 2007-10-12

  • good morning #
  • writing, writing, have to turn something in today, almost done, but so not happy with the outcome. I hate that. #
  • sending when I hit a writer’s block #
  • @etches – awesome, guess we better do something fabulous! #
  • writing furiously, as in fast, not mad #
  • friend is reading article I finished. I think it turned out better then the first draft I wrote a few days ago. that one was bad. no focus #
  • @grasshopperlibr – I am waiting for the Golden Compass #
  • @library_chic – u can never go wrong with Buffy. Musical or soundtrack to seasons? #
  • @joshuamneff – oh shiny! thx for the link. it looks awesome. am finishing 3rd book now #
  • @akearns – besides the usual 2-3? Have not done latest install yet. want to change theme #
  • @library_chic – haha, well good, you really need both for a Buffy filled day #
  • @tinfoilraccoon – love to make bread, rye always turns out like rocks though! am much better with sourdough #
  • @akearns – right, you usually only have the basic choice till u add more #
  • article sent. one thing done. #
  • putting in a plug for a friend and now to the desk I go #

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