Calling and Music from MySpace

Many MySpace users, already use it as their one stop shop for many things, including emailing their friends, posting photos, and finding out what is going on in the world. MySpace is partnering with Skype and users will soon be able to call their friends from within the social networking site.

Interesting idea and I am sure it will be a popular choice.

Also released this week, MySpace is partnering with Sony to offer streaming music and videos for people to post to their profiles. Universal Music, which is completely missing the point, is suing MySpace for the same issue, which they are calling copyright infringement. They will be crying when Sony makes a killing off the advertising they are getting by offering their content for free and users rush to buy MP3s of stuff they hear on their friends’ profiles.

Way to go Sony and Skype!

–Jane, when are these other companies going to learn to stop being greedy and shortsighted?