Hear ye, hear ye!

All of the principles have been told and I think it is time to tell the Interwebs.

In a flight of fancy with a dash of what-the-heck-were-we-thinking, Mr. Rochester and I are expanding the Rochester household. We should have a bundle of Human Beta somewhere around the end of April. I think it will end up looking something like the picture on this site, but the grandparents are hoping for something like this.

I shall now answer all the questions people have been asking so I only have to do it once:

    I am lucky biotch and have had no morning sickness (mine is an evil laugh!)
    yes, we are going to find out if it is a boy or girl
    yes, I will tell you
    yes, we have some names in mind
    no, I will not tell you because I do not care to hear what you think about them
    no, I have had no weird cravings yet
    I feel great, but I take a lot of naps, which may or may not occasionally occur in various places in my library

Besides being busy in general, this site has been quiet, because by the time I get home and eat dinner, it is nearly time for bed. I know I am supposed to have more energy soon and I am at least hoping I can stay up long enough to watch the Daily Show again. John Stewart, I miss you.

–Jane, happy to be keeping a secret no longer