Reason #453 to Love Being a Librarian

Even though we are a University library, we have high school groups come in every once in awhile to do research. We usually give them a 50 minute introduction to our resources and then they have a few hours to do their research. I love working with these groups.

Last Monday, I had a group of 58 high school girls from a local private school. They were extremely well behaved and focused. Their topics were great too. A couple I remember are the cultural differences of slave men and women, the effects of Thoreau’s years at Yale on Walden, and Jefferson’s idea of utopia in conjunction with Monticello. It was fun and challenging, my favorite kind of class.

Today, I got a letter from their teacher, thanking me for my time and all of the girls signed the back of the letter with a little note. How awesome is that?! Thank you, St. Agnes Academy students. You guys are welcome here anytime.

–Jane, just happy to be doing good works