Cool Tools for Webmasters IL2007

Cool Tools for Webmasters

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This is a rough blog of the afternoon session from today. It is mostly a list of tools, so I figured you, dear readers, could live with this.

Cool Tools for Webmasters – IL2007
Frank Cervone and Darlene Fichter

Communicating Ideas – a cast of you drawing and talking – capture and share images or small screencasts, when showing works better than telling – has Firefox and IE plugin, will capture the full web page, instead of only what you can see without scrolling, will send to flickr – create online storybooks, comics, or movies

PPT Tools – shares PPT and Keynote
Scribd – supports keyword searching
SplashCast – supports PPT, MP3, Images
ZohoShow – allows editing
SlideAware – best stats, limited access – capture screen or image, can set custom sizes
Visual Page Rank

Utilities – graphical interface alternative to a unix dif command (Log View) –

SOAP Sonar – testing and analyzing Web Services (
Evolved ( adapts to a large number of programming language and will break out elements of a program, ex. Breaks would be blue, tags would be red
Perl express ( – integrated development environment for Perl, syntax highlighting, will help you run database queries and test things on a server

Fun with Images
Photo slideshow – ( – creates a monie from a series of pictures – uses XML

Search and Indexing
Google SiteMap Builder (– XML file that will allow Google to index all the things on your site – will now integrate directly into webpages and make it look more seemless then before
OpenURL Referrer Toolbar – – user can download and use it to access your open URL resolver to connect to your resources
FlogBlog – – integrates blog content onto a facebook page

Freedom – USB
Portable Firefox – bundled with portable apps to take bookmarks, extensions, passwords and will run on a USB
Asterisk Logger v1.02 – reveals passwords behind passwords
Undelelete – recovers deleted files
Unstoppable Copier – recover all bytes from scratched CDs
Simple File Shredder – securely delete files so they can’t be restored
KeePass – store all your passwords in one database, locked with one master key