Twitter Updates for 2007-10-31

  • now talking to my mom #
  • @advinlib – well some people still like that #
  • sushi reservations are made! YUM! #
  • now talking to brother, family filled afternoon #
  • finally got on the wireless, am now messing around until 11:30 #
  • @dwfree – in cushy chairs on first floor #
  • In Cohen’s RSS session hoping he will have something new to show me, he is always entertaining #
  • j button on Google Reader will scroll feeds #
  • Cohen – "RSS is neither simple nor syndicated, discussed." #
  • – Steven’s presentation wiki #
  • Cohen on redirecting domains "I do not know exactly how to do it, but you are librarians, look it up." #
  • Cohen – "want to know what the next IE will look like? look at Firefox now." #
  • dave free is the coolest person in the world. #

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