Twitter Updates for 2007-11-05

  • at work, wondering what pile to tackle first… #
  • class announcement finished, check! #
  • I just unsubscribed from a bunch of ALA listservs, why? because i never read them and I HATE LISTSERVS #
  • looking over LTR proofs. they look so shiny! #
  • answering numerous requests from students who have a annotated bib due today: is this citation right? wonder if they look before asking… #
  • @dwfree – good, u read them all and tell me what they say, ok? #
  • @msauers – who cares? #
  • buying books on Amazon for fun, now back to work #
  • I deleted my Pownce account, good riddance! I am in a Fall cleaning mood. 😉 What else can I trash? #
  • launching chat reference today! #
  • @cindi – hee, no problems! #

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