Twitter Updates for 2007-11-09

  • Thinking I am allergic to work. good thing it is friday #
  • listening to The Clash station on lastfm, cuz it’s friday and fridays mean the clash #
  • @librarianmer – but I LOVE mitten weather, you know, it only happens like twice a year here 😉 #
  • @djfiander and @librarianmer- lol #
  • @kgs – what a relief, i r not broken, but how to fix the ALA? #
  • @dwfree, @librarianmer, @kgs, @joshuamneff – no, no, silly rabbits, *I* am the Annoyed Librarian #
  • @kgs – what is this empowerment of which you speak? #
  • @kgs – is that were we all write posts on our blog saying we are the Annoyed Librarian? Because isn’t the AL a part of all of us? #
  • @kgs – any mention of when our meeting at Midwinter will be for Rettig Board? Trying to make plans #
  • @kgs – well poop, are they serving dinner and drinks? hahaha *sigh* #
  • @kgs – pm right? #
  • @kgs – coolio, I may only be in philly for a couple days then, saving money for diapers 😉 #
  • rotflmao #
  • such classics #
  • ok, enough SNL giggling, back to work #
  • @rikhei – I hate the secret babies plot! #
  • @akearns – none for me, either #
  • done for the day, on to Happy Hour where I will drink pretend drinks and eat chips and salsa 😉 #

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