Twitter Updates for 2007-11-12

  • @dwfree – will there be fire and brimstone? #
  • weeding and cleaning my feeds, marked all as read, going to keep up a bit better #
  • @kgs – flexibility is fine, this is for fun #
  • @clifflandis – "but I don’t wanna explode!" #
  • posted: #
  • crossing things off my to do list – outing myself as the AL – check! #
  • @cindi – it is never too late really to be the AL #
  • hey, Xander just totally friended me on Twitter, wonder if the Scoobies will let me go hunting sometime? #
  • @joshuamneff – hugs kisses? are you talking about pr0n? I can not participate in such discussions. think of the children! #
  • in LSW room chatting with some librarians about kids #
  • oh! oh! now the Buff is following me. My day is complete #
  • @joshuamneff – I know, but had to make the joke #
  • @jenica26 – well since you wrote it in the LSW room and Twitter, it must be true #

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